Here you can find answers to the most common questions.

  • Where can I find Swiss Domain Trustee AG’s General Terms & Conditions?
    Our General Terms & Conditions for Domain Privacy can be found here.
  • How can I make a purchase offer to a domain owner who has activated Domain Privacy protection?
    Please contact us. We will forward your e-mail to the appropriate owner. If they are interested, they will certainly get in touch with you.
  • How can I report abuse?
    Please contact us and provide a detailed description of the incident.
  • Does the Domain Privacy product guard against spam?
    Full e-mail addresses can be listed in WHOIS directories. Professional spammers comb through these databases and use the e-mail addresses they collect to send spam. These are often sold to third parties, resulting in an explosion of spam in your inbox.
  • Where can I purchase Domain Privacy?
    You can obtain Domain Privacy from Hostpoint, among other providers.
  • How do I transfer a domain to a different registrar?
    If you would like to transfer your domain to another owner, Swiss Domain Trustee AG will cancel the Domain Privacy service, effective immediately. This happens as soon as you request a transfer code. Your address and e-mail address will then appear in the WHOIS directories.
  • What details are publicly visible in the WHOIS directories?
    With international domain names in particular, changes regarding the extent to which private address data is disclosed and who has access to undisclosed details can be introduced at any time. With Domain Privacy activated, you can avoid this risk: your private data will not be transmitted to domain administrators in the first place, and will therefore not be visible to third parties.